At ERIN BODY CARE, we create holistic skin care formulations for ideal health. Each formula is handcrafted in small batches from carefully considered, purely natural ingredients. Our ingredients are mostly organic and always food-grade, so that you may treat your body as well outside as you do inside. Our products are always free of Sulfates, Parabens, PCBs, Phthalates, Petroleum & Alcohol Derivatives. In this way, we can help your body lessen its chemical load. Originally made for our loved ones, our products are always tested on friends and family-never on animals.

After years of careful curation, we have reached a competitive price point that honors affordability and sustainability for both our clientele and for us! Our products are meant for daily use (this is the key to reaping nature’s benefit!); therefore, they observe a realistic price so that health and wellness seekers can commit to their self-care routine all they way.

At ERIN BODY CARE, our greatest intent is to help people find a path that creates an inner dialogue and action of commitment to self, to health, and to their preventative-care. Every time someone uses our product, they are taking a personal moment to slow down, to be well and to think about themselves. For us, this is the bigger picture.

In an even bigger picture, our packaging materials are 100% recyclable. We have created a green initiative in which we accept all glass packaging back for a credit towards our products. Additionally, for the last year, we have invested back into our community with our soap donation program to Safe Haven Family Shelter of Tennessee. This social impact has culminated a rewarding giving culture and a truly important and safe access to cleanliness for families in need.

How it all began...

My mother was a biochemist. Much of my childhood was spent in the lab with her. Her studies inspired me to seek a greater understanding of the natural chemistry involved in caring for the skin and body. This curiosity lead me to the world of cosmetology, where I learned of my intrigue for the cellular biology behind skin and hair care.

Moving on from cosmetology, blossomed a passion for sculpture - expressing form through different materials. I earned my BA and MFA in Sculpture, moved to New York City and committed myself to this career for 20 years.

In 2013, I completed my certification in Integrated Health and Nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. This break from sculpture was ultimately a returning to a lifelong passion of health through preventative-care prompted by caring for loved ones with cancer and other terminal illnesses. With all of this knowledge and experience, I had a very strong foundation from which to begin my research and formulations.

Science, nature, simplicity, purity, and love are the cornerstones of my formulations. The proof is in the product. Give ERIN BODY CARE a try, and your body will thank you!