Zelda sizing:

A lot of our brands size differently than you may be used to.  This is because we carry a lot of independent designers and European designers.  

Robin Kaplan:

Robin Kaplan sizes run through 1-3.  We think of 1 as a small, 2 as a medium, and 3 as a large.  

Dress To Kill:

Dress to Kill is all one size fits most except for the pants.  The pants come in sizes 1 and 2.  

Krista Larson:

One size fits most.  A lot of the sizing depends on the fabrics.  The linen gauze runs the smallest-feel free to call us for measurements or for an idea of how it runs.

Magnolia Pearl:

One size fits most.  Call us for measurements or more information-some things run smaller than others.


Alembika runs in sizes 1-6.  We think of the sizes as the following:

1 is an XS, 2 a Small, 3 a Medium, 4 a large, 5 an XL, and 6 an XXL. 


As always, please feel free to call us at 615-292-8045 or email at zelda@zeldanashville.com if you have any questions about sizing, fabric or anything.  We are always happy to send more pictures or measure the pieces for you.